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(March 21 – April 19)


Weekly Horoscope For Aries
~ Week 18 of 2016
Week Starting On: May 02 to May 08, 2016

Who can possibly keep up with you? Nobody, apparently — or at least not as this week begins. On Monday and on into Tuesday morning, you’ll blow away the competition and others will look on admiringly. On the rest of Tuesday and on through Thursday morning, your ambitions will find even broader support. Now is a great time for forming new alliances and building up big, bold plans. You might have more trouble getting things done from Thursday afternoon through Saturday afternoon, but that doesn’t mean cooperation is out of the question. Find some fresh perspective by helping someone else out with their goals. On Saturday evening and Sunday, be the first one to jump into action.

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    New Moon

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    May 5, 2016
    1818 Karl Marx
    1913 Tyrone Power
    1959 Ian McCullough
    1904 Sir Gordon Richards
    1942 Tammy Wynette
    1948 Bill Ward
    1906 Mary Astor
    1943 Michael Palin
    1961 Sean Mcluskey

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